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Crossing Union (2015)

Greg Montgomery

Crossing Union (2015)
  • Crossing Union (2015)
  • Crossing Union (2015)
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Since this 2015 Travers poster is my 30th, I wanted to connect my first poster, "The Silks," with this milestone image. I wanted to connect the old and classic with the new and vital.

Every morning with the sunrise, thoroughbreds with their grooms and riders make the trip between historic Horse Haven on the Oklahoma side, across Union Avenue to the main track. They link the first classic Saratoga racing to the new energy of a Saratoga racing season.

The well-worn path across Union Avenue, protected by crossing guards, has seen some of the greatest horses in history. Among the most beautiful animals on earth are these thoroughbreds — right here, at arm’s length, moving through deep shadows into the morning light. It’s quintessentially Saratoga and it’s a gift to be there.

My partner Paula spent many mornings getting up before dawn to be at the crossing taking the photos that helped me with all the details. She provided me with a unique view of the incomparable Saratoga Racecourse and I am in her debt. We hope you like the poster.

Two Poster Versions: This poster comes in both a Travers, and a Saratoga version. The artwork is the same on both posters, only the type changes. Look for the "Poster Version" pull-down menu above the price to see and select one.

All posters are hand signed by Greg Montgomery. For special attributions (Congratulations, See you next year!, etc.) Please fill out the Special Instructions Box at Checkout.

Production Details:
This is the 30th poster in The Colors of Racing poster series.
17" x 33" (43.2 cm x 83.8 cm) Limited Edition
(The Travers/Saratoga posters are never reprinted)
Paper: McCoy 80 lb. dull cover - FSC Responsible Forestry Certified
Inks: Five colors plus off-line varnish
Typeface: Adobe Garamond
Printer: Snyder Printing, Inc., Troy, NY

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