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  • A Masterpiece

    Amazing work
    On one one of the most glorious, perfect, high-sky summer days, we had a visit from a lovely couple who had requested posters to complete their collection. Little did we know that when John and Judy Cocce stepped onto the summer porch, that the truly remarkable Judy would unveil an unbelievable piece of work in homage to my poster series.

    The one-of-a-kind, counted-cross stitch, brass-and-leather-trimmed, quilted-gingham lined, "poster" carry bag is simply unbelievable. Stunningly beautiful! As detailed as a Fabergé egg, this gorgeous, detailed work is a faithful reproduction of my work -- done by eye and by hand.

    While recuperating for a mandatory year, this talented and delightful horsewoman created a project to pull her through, and this was the outcome -- 325,000 stitches later, the reworking of two bridles into the handle, brass "mud" tacks on a a wooden base for the feet, and her now intimate relationship with the posters. One year and almost a thousand stitches a day. Wow!

    If you see Judy this summer, you may be lucky enough to see this marvelous work. We hope she might part with the bag the year of the 30th anniversary of the poster (can't believe it is only three short years away!), to add it to the display, in a glass case, of course.

    Judy, you are an inspiration and a your work a creative tour de force. I am deeply honored.
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