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The Long Wait (1993)

Greg Montgomery

The Long Wait (1993)
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Waiting and weighing. Every jockey, before and after every race, must weigh in with his tack. You can see the harness, saddle, pad, riding crop and yellow girth that are all part of the equipment referred to as tack. A valet for each jockey lays out the proper silks before every race.

The original art for this poster is a silkscreen print - a serigraph. It's one of my absolute favorites. The process of getting the ink colors, registration, and ink density correct took weeks. Printing the bright yellow girth beneath the saddle (with black fasteners) required that I put 125 sheets of paper through the press four separate times - 500 separate impressions to get it right. Just the girth took more than 40 hours ...

There is no Saratoga version of this 1993 poster.

Production Details:
This is the 9th poster in The Colors of Racing poster series.
17" x 33" (43.2 cm x 83.8 cm) Limited Edition
(The Travers/Saratoga posters are never reprinted)
Paper: JOB Parlux Silk 115 lb. text
Inks: Four colors plus varnish - This poster was printed on a waterless press (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waterless_printing). The image has extremely high ink densities and screen rulings - at least 300 lpi. (lines per inch).
Typeface: Adobe Garamond

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